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Simple Bedroom Designs for Narrow Rooms

simple bedroom design

Sobat Dekoruma, have you ever found the most comfortable bedroom design and made it feel at home? 90% of bedrooms that fulfill the ideal criteria use a simple bedroom design with high functionality. So, a simple bedroom designs that makes you comfortable doesn’t depend on the room area.

However, creating a simple bedroom design is not as easy as it sounds. This is because bedrooms tend to have large furniture, such as wardrobes or mattresses. With the lack of space to explore, many are frustrated and negligent in decorating their bedrooms wholeheartedly.
Actually with good planning, it’s not impossible you can have a simple bedroom design like a famous interior magazine. The key is to control existing elements and create a practical and beautiful break room.

This inspiring simple bedroom design that will serve Kania has the characteristics of a simple bedroom design that is attractive and also comfortable. You will also find good interior principles in every simple bedroom design below. Curious? Let’s look together.

“Simple, Practical and Attractive Bedroom Designs, Everything You Need in Your Bedroom”

simple bedroom design

This simple bedroom design inspiration is very easy to be a favorite for anyone, regardless of age limits for women and men. This is because the dominating wood elements from the floor to the main furniture. judi bola This wood element also uses soft nuances that are important to create a space that feels more spacious.

Neutral color arrangement, which is white, also appears in other additional furniture, including the main furniture, namely bed mattresses and wall shelves. This simple bedroom design is effective because it is supported by a room window which, although not large, provides a relaxed living and fresh atmosphere.

“Festive Wall Planting and Decoration Cabinets”

simple bedroom design
In a relatively small space, this simple bedroom design accentuates the focus on the wall decoration of the lively rooms. One way to turn on a narrow space is with creative decorating games, both on the walls and on the ceiling.

This simple bedroom design also looks feminine, but it is not impossible if processed with different decoration variations. This simple bedroom design can also be used by men.

The furniture in this simple bedroom design is arranged quite simply, namely a small cabinet where you put essential trinkets. For storage, this simple bedroom design is supported by a planting cupboard with wooden doors that open on a maximum storage container.

“Favorite objects for the favorite bedroom”

simple bedroom design

What makes this simple bedroom design so attractive is the characteristic that is so prominent from its users. Without a lot of fancy decorations, this simple bedroom design remains simple with a focus on the bed in a minimalist natural style.
On the wall, there is a wall decoration in the form of a world map. Also pay attention to the part of the window that is mounted a hanging rack where you put your favorite trinkets, plus a chair that can be used as a decoration or place to put some frequently used objects.

“Simple with Maximum Impression Thanks to Beautiful Wallpapers”

simple bedroom design
It’s not difficult to turn on a simple bedroom design with the right wall wallpaper. The main focus on this simple bedroom design is a stylish and comfortable bed. The bed is also styled with decorative pillows so it looks soft and has artistic taste. Supported with elegant patterned wallpapers with exclusive colors, the whole room is getting cool even though there is not much room to move. Natural lighting from windows also greatly helps the atmosphere of a comfortable and stuffy bedroom.

“Simple Bedroom Design with Theme Combination”

simple bedroom design
This simple bedroom design inspiration uses a number of themes at once that might look contradictory. On the inside wall, you can see a wall decoration with a mid-tempo style, while the painting next to the window shows a modern impression.

A nautical theme was chosen for some feminine room decorations on a desk lamp. Combining several decorating themes in a simple bedroom design is actually not difficult by finding the same color palette.
Although different in concept, this simple bedroom design consistently uses black and white with a firm tinge of cream color. The result is a beautiful and luxurious blend even though it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

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“Simple Bedroom Designs Modern Mix & Match”

simple bedroom design
This is an example of a simple bedroom design that is quite unique and different in terms of creativity. For those of you who want to have a private room in the form of a bedroom that shows an electric taste of decoration, there’s no harm in trying a modern-style mix and match.

The theme of this simple bedroom design refers to the fresh outdoor feel with a firm green color palette, both in zigzag motifs or transparent curtains with green lyrical edges. The eccentric arrangement of flowers and sleeping lights also adds to the atmosphere of this small bedroom. Finally, the wall is not left empty by hanging the photo frame according to taste.

“Modern Minimalism in a Nice Room”

simple bedroom design

This simple bedroom design aims to create a space that has a multifunctional impression, namely a study room as well as a place to rest. Furniture arrangement has also been carefully thought out by following the contours of the room in a custom way.
The main furniture in the form of a bed and a cabinet is also worthy of imitation because it is a storage solution that is often a constraint in every simple bedroom design. To enliven the atmosphere between the dominance of light and white wood, this simple bedroom design also has colors on 3 points, namely carpet, brightly colored bed linen and window curtains. Even though it is small, the arrangement of this simple bedroom designs is maximal right?

“Simple Bedroom Design with Extra Bonus”

Finally, this simple natural bedroom design has a distinctive oriental impression. This comes from a low-style bed and the use of clean white sheets. With the concept and design of a simple bedroom that blends between the floor and the headboard of the bed, the room is made attractive with a classic patterned window curtain and a little neutral colored small pillow decoration. Not to forget, a simple wall staircase seemed to decorate a simple bedroom design that led to an attractive space in the attic.

It’s not difficult to arrange a simple bedroom design? Make sure you have the right furniture and also a style benchmark for inspiration. Still confused about the interior? Dekoruma’s interior design team is ready to help! Dekoruma is ready to handle the problem of house and apartment design and build as well as custom cabinets. Prices are transparent and can be adjusted to your budget! Do not bother for a long time, immediately e-mail to and you will be contacted again a maximum of 2 X 24 hours 🙂

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